Fun Games For Kids Who Ride Horses - Fun Games For Kids Who Ride Horses -

Fun Games For Kids Who Ride Horses

A man riding a horse in the dirt

What’s the best horse riding games for kids? You may have come across the flash games or online games based on this adventurous sport. Most of the online sites offer exciting horse riding games for kids as a reward for registering or simply for fun. Some games are based on historical events and the characters involved. In addition, there are video games that emulate racing.

It’s true that video and computer games will enhance children’s abilities to identify with the horses and other animals they see in these games. Likewise, most children who play these games will love the ability to use their hands. The games’ developers take great care in creating exciting and engaging games. In this article, you’ll discover some of the top horse riding games for kids.

Round Table Ride 

A person riding a horse in front of a sunset

One of the most popular horse riding games for kids is the American Round Table Ride. This game is designed to teach children about the basics of riding a horse, while also teaching them how to get along with other riders. The game consists of a round table where the kids sit around it and the mom sits on the seat behind the kids. The child is provided with the reins and a bridle to ride. Using the reins, the child pushes the bridle along the table and the reins in order to move the horse.

Grooming Ride

A person riding a horse jumping over a fence

Another popular game for younger players is the grooming ride. Here, the child is supposed to stand on a stool and allow the horse to walk around him/her. When the horse has moved along the stool, the child puts his/her arms around the horse and helps it to rub itself. When the horse is doing grooming, the child can ride it. It is also possible to give food to the horse using the reins just like the grooming ride. However, this game requires that children be physically active in order to successfully complete the ride.

In order to entertain kids even more, there are riding games such as the treasure hunt. In this game, kids need to search for items placed on a map of the gameboard. The items could be anything from coins, jewels, or even food. If no items are found, the player loses the game and gets to keep the horse. It is important that kids know where the items they find will end up though since it is a good idea to have multiple maps in case one map ends up empty.

Jumping Race 

One of the more challenging games is the jumping race. In this game children need to ride a horse in order to jump. However, when the horse jumps, the player needs to save it by pulling it back. There are obstacles in the jumping race, such as wooden poles, rocks, and hurdles. In order to complete the obstacle course without tripping, the player needs to make sure that the horse lands correctly.

Some other fun horse riding games for kids include the race to see who can pull a cart with the most effort. This is a fun game that allows kids to show off their athletic ability, while working on improving their coordination. Another popular game that children love is the tug of war.


For those adults who enjoy horse riding games, there are also horse racing and polo games available for children. Many of these games involve horses in races from around the world, while others pit two horses against each other. A variety of styles are used in horse riding games for kids. Whether you play these games online or in a real life horse riding tournament, kids will enjoy the chance to get right into the saddle and have some fun with friends.

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