Essential Horse Riding Gear Western

A horse standing on top of a dirt field

Essential horse riding clothing, as the name suggests are important pieces of clothing you must wear while horse riding. These are essential because they not only keep you comfortable and give you easily mobility and grip, but also protect you in case of a fall. Here are some important and essential horse riding clothing.


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A properly fitted safety helmet with tight chin straps will prevent you from serious concussions in case of a fall. One of the best ones are the Tipperary Sportage helmet as it is ASTM/SEI certified, lightweight and has a down lower over the back of the skull that gives added protection. There is a foam Velcro on the inside that makes it easy to fit. 

Paddock or Dress Boots

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Horse riding boots should have a distinct heel. Some hiking boots may not be practical for horse riding. The heel ensures that a person will not slip through from the stirrup. Paddock boots are ankle height boots perfect for riding. You may also choose dress boots of knee height for riding. The Ariat Heritage III Zip Paddock boots are perfect for new riders is a good one as it is high-quality and has a zipper vs. laces. 

Breeches or Jodhpurs

These are skinny and stretchy riding pants and perfect for horse riding as these will not get entangled into your horse riding gear. These specially designed horse riding pants have a textured fabric on the inner leg and seat to increase the grip in the saddle. Breeches are similar to Jodhpurs, except that Jodhpurs also have a ‘stirrup’ that runs from under the arch of the boot to hold the pant down. Breeches do not a stirrup at the bottom. 


A fitted shirt is best for horse riding as it won’t get entangled or caught in the tack. A durable short sleeve option is also fine as it will help you stay cool and also look nice. You can try Kerrits Breeze Ice-Fil Shirt. This one is available in several colors and are very comfortable to wear.

Boot Socks

It is best to wear nice tall socks that won’t slip or cut off your blood circulation. You can try a few pairs from TuffRider CoolMax boot socks or the Storm Block Winter Boot socks as they are both practical for hot and cold weather respectively. 

Non-Chafing Underwear

The right underwear is an important part of horse riding clothing. You obviously do not want to get uncomfortable while riding because of chafing, pant lines and other kinds of discomfort. Underarmour compression shorts are the best horse riding underwear for women and also one of the most popular choices as they fitting, light-weight, quick drying, wick moisture/sweat and stretchy. The Underarmour compression shorts are also the best for men as they are lightweight, quick drying, super stretchy and wick moisture/sweat.

These are some of the most essential horse riding clothing that you must invest in.

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