Endurance Horse Riding Gear

Endurance riding is an equestrian sport based on controlled long distance races, over a trail of 50 to 150 miles. It was established in 1955 by Wendell Robie, an American rider in the USA. All riders have the intention to win, so in order to win, you need to maintain a fast pace of over 10 miles an hour. You also have to learn how to condition your horse so as to maintain a steady and fast pace over a long distance. Endurance horse riding gear include:


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Tacks are smaller and less bulky, allowing close contact between the horse and rider. They are built and worn for stability and comfort, long stirrup, a deep seat and a saddle horn for looping a lasso.


Endurance horse riders are advised to wear a long sleeve shirt and collars, especially when you will be riding through brush or layers.


Chaps worn by riders helps to protect riders’ legs from injury from thorns of cacti, scrapping on bush, mesquite, sagebrush and any other thorny vegetation.


Saddles serve as a supportive structure for a rider, and are fastened to an animal’s back with the use of a girth. The most common type of saddles is the equestrian saddles designed for horses. During the Classic Era, the saddle was a crucial step in the increased use of domesticated animals.


The use of helmets when riding helps reduce the risk of serious head and brain injury. It also limits the impact of collision on the head. They protect the head and brain by acting as a barrier between the skull and whatever may be causing the impact.


Riders wear riding gloves to ensure circulation in the hands. It also helps to give you a proper grip on the reins at all times, either during Rai, sleet or snow.


Wearing comfortable


With the above listed endurance gear, below are how you can also become a professional:

Experience: it takes appropriately 2 years to master all the skills of horse riding such as lead, tack up, go down the trail and riding, so everyday training will help you master the skill of how to control your horse and ride for a long distance.

Good health and fitness: you can’t become a professional horse rider by not eating healthy food. Therefore, eating healthy food, alot of fruits and enough water will help to keep you fit and in good health.

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