Different Types Of Horse Competitions

Types Of Horse Competitions

The development and interest in horse riding lead to an increase in horse competitions. From English riding to horse shows the popularity of horse riding has expanded. Increasing demand has led to the innovation of different types of horse competition. Categorized in two groups some of them are, mentioned as follows ;

As Per English Style Riding

Types Of Horse Competitions
  • Hunt-Seat  Riding -Hunt-Seat riding is a challenge to complete a course of jumps. They are, judged on behavior, way of completing a course, and run on a straightforward course. The time is taken to cover the course, and the errors made while completing the course also forms the basis of an evaluation
  • Dressage – Dressage is a performance of different movements by a horse in a pre-determined pattern. The performance is based on the instruction given by the rider to the horse. There are various levels of performance. The responsiveness, rhythm, and ability to show complex movements form the basis of judgment.
  • Eventing – Eventing is a combination of three different disciplines in one. The three disciplines are Dressage, Cross Country, and Show Jumping. It is a competition of one to three days.
  • Endurance – It is, played on a set of the cross-country course. The time taken to complete a course is essential for winning this competition. As the name suggests, it measures the endurance of the horse and the rider.

Other Horse Competitions

Types Of Horse Competitions
  • Polo – It is, a sport played by humans on horseback. It is a team sport. To play this game, you need a long wooden mullet. Similar to hockey, a team has to drive a goal defended by the other team.
  • Showjumping –It is a competition where horses must jump over obstacles of different heights and sizes set across a course.
  • Vaulting – It is like performing gymnastics on horseback wherein male and female performers take part. They need to complete a set of performance on the horse.
  • Trail riding –It is a simple sport where the riders are, required to complete a course set on different terrains. The track is the natural terrain. This sport attracts a large number of riders. Even if it is a flexible competition, it takes a lot of time and covers a long distance.

As Per Western Style Of Riding

Types Of Horse Competitions

Racing -It is a common style of competition where the rider and the horse have to complete the course in the minimum possible time.

  • Conformation – A competition on the breeding of horses, in which the best breed wins.
  • Rodeo events – Roping, calf wrestling, bareback, cutting, and the saddled bronco riding are the rodeo events in which a rider has to control its horse in a different situation. These horses continue training throughout the year for this competition.
  • Western Pleasure – Western Pleasure is a competition at horse shows. It requires the horses to show manners and stability.
  • Reining – A performance where the riders guide the horses to perform spins, stops, and pattern of circles is Reining. Lope and gallop are the horse running pattern.

Hope this above-mentioned list will give you a proper insight regarding horse riding and a few types of competitions.

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