Different Horse Breeds- Which Horse You Want

different horse breeds

There are four different types of Indian horses. Bhutia, Manipuri, Spiti, and Zaniskari form a distinct group, while Marwari and Kathiawari are Arabian horses crossed with Mongolian horses.

The Marwari horse is an uncommon breed from Rajasthan’s Marwar district, and its inward turning ear tips make it easy to spot. The Marwari Horse and Kathiawari Horse are similar in appearance and are used by the Indian military in the Rajasthani cities of Jodhpur and Jaipur.

The Kathiawari horse, which comes from the Kathiawar peninsula in Gujarat’s Saurashtra district, is a desert warhorse closely related to Rajasthan’s Marwari horses. They are also used as a police horse in India and a warhorse and cavalry mount by the Indian Army.

Mongolian and Tibetan horse breeds are identical to the Bhutia horse breed from Sikkim and Darjeeling. The tiny mountain horse can also be found in Nepal and Bhutan’s Himalayan regions.

Himachal Pradesh’s Spiti Horse is a mountain horse or pony from the Spiti valley’s Himalayan range. They have adapted well to the Himalayan high altitudes.

Jammu and Kashmir’s Zanskar  is a small mountain horse from the Zanskar valley closely related to the Spiti horse breed of Himachal Pradesh. The Zanskar is tough and well-adapted to Ladakh’s high altitudes and harsh environments.

The Manipuri Pony, a hybrid between the Mongolian Wild Horse and the Arabian Horse, is now primarily bred in India for racing and polo. The polo game was brought to Manipur, and ponies are also used to play sagol kangjei. Deccani, Chummarti, and Sikang are three other horse breeds found in India, all of which are on the verge of extinction.

Foreign Horse Breeds Available in India

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 Arabian horses, Thoroughbred horses from England, Waler horses from Australia, Gypsy horses from Ireland, Malopolski Polish horse breeds, Connemara pony from Ireland, and the Haflinger horse breed established in Austria are among the exotic horse breeds found in India.

Arabian Horse- Arabian Peninsula

The Arabian horse, which originated on the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the most common horse breeds globally. Arabian horses, native to the Middle East, are renowned for their speed, endurance, and bone strength.

Thoroughbred – England

The Thoroughbred is India’s most famous racing horse breed, renowned for its speed and spirit. In India, Thoroughbreds are also used for polo and show jumping, and they are considered hot-blooded horses.

British Isles Gypsy Horse

The British Isles Gypsy horse is a strong and muscular horse that pulls a tradesman’s cart. The Irish Cob is a breed traded at Appleby Horse Fair in Europe.

Poland’s Malopolski Horse

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The Malopolski Polish horse breed is a versatile breed from Poland. They’ve also been crossed with Thoroughbreds, Arabians, and Indian Bhutia horses.

Austrian Haflinger Horse

The Haflinger horse, which originated in Austria and Italy, has a distinct gait. They were used in dressage, endurance riding, and other equestrian activities.


Humans often respect horses because horses have a similar family structure, express emotions, and empathy, learn to trust, display tension, excel in open spaces, and learn by observation.

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