Cool Gift Ideas For Horse Enthusiasts

It is quite tricky to think of gift ideas for horse enthusiasts. Horseback riding equipment and apparel often tend to be expensive. You are also incapable of giving them a horse. The best you can do is to get them something that best represents their interests, like horse toys or decorative pieces. Here is a list of a few gift ideas for horse enthusiasts.

Unicorn Toys Plush LED Doll

Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts
Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

A plush doll is always appreciated because of how adorable and cuddly they are. Try this small plush doll that has an interesting twist – its insides have LED bulbs! This can be used to play with or as a night light. This also works well as a decorative item.

This stuffed toy is made of PP cotton. It is coated in a plush material that is absolutely soft and comfortable against the skin. It even comes in two color options, white and pink. This measures about forty centimeters in length.

Wooden Rocking Horse Toy Ride

Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts
Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

This will surely be appreciated by any horse lover because it is a great decorative piece. This has such realistic features with a huggable body. It even has all of the accessories involved in riding a horse, such as a saddle or a bridle.

This will also be appreciated by kids. The horse has a rocking feature and it is perfectly okay to ride by toddlers. This can rock back and forth. Kids will surely love it. The carrying capacity of this horse is up to thirty kilograms.

There are also various features that make this interactive. This is powered by batteries and this has a moving mouth and a swishing tail. You can even press the ears and this will sing. It can also emit realistic horse sounds that will make any child feel like it is an authentic horseback riding experience.

Unicorn Earrings Ladies Fashion Jewelry

Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts
Gift Ideas for Horse Enthusiasts

This is a pair of unicorn earrings that will surely be appreciated by anyone who likes horses. The earrings are made of 925 sterling silver. This is adorned by cubic zirconia to make it sparkly and colorful.

This is a great gift because it is such a quick and easy way to upgrade one’s look by accessorizing. You can pair this with so many different outfits. It looks so elegant and beautiful. This pair of sparkling accessories will frame your face nicely and redirect anyone’s attention to the wearer’s face. This is a nice earring for every woman who loves horses or unicorns. Wearing it as a finishing touch to your fashionable clothes can give you a very appealing look.

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