Cool Facts About The Miniature Horse

Miniature Horse- A Fancy Animal

The horses which are smaller in size are known as the miniature horse. Among many breeds of horses, miniature horses are the once which are small in size and less in weight than other horses. Consequently, there is a dispute whether these are horses or pony. To explain, this is a kind of dwarfism in horses. They have originated from Europe.

Moreover, some people find it attractive, captive breeding has increased of this kind of horses. These horses exhibit interactive and friendly behavior towards people. While being used as service animals, some people are keeping them as pets. Usually found in European countries, these are timid animals that can become good pets.


Miniature Horse- A Fancy Animal

Miniature horses have a life span of 25 to 35 years, living longer than an average horse. They have a height up to 38inches. Various colors and coat patterns are one of their unique features. Health disorders are commonly found in them. There must be proper feeding procedure because improper feeding leads to other health disorders. Hyperlipidemia, a metabolic problem and reproduction problems, are common in them. Proper feeding helps to rectify most of these health disorders. Miniature horses eat grasses and grains. They can also eat candy, sweets, breakfast cereals, and fruits.

It is easy to keep and train a miniature horse than any other horse. Miniature horses are hard-working as well as friendly. For this reason, one can be carefree for their children around these horses.

Miniature Horse Uses

Firstly, miniature horses are used as assistance animals for the disabled person. Secondly, they are used in horse shows as well as in circus. Thirdly, they can also be used as a companion for children. Most importantly, they can be trained to work indoors and outdoors.


There are two registries in the USA where one can register for miniature horses. (AMHA and AMHR). These organizations emphasize and control the breeding of miniature horses. They register those miniature horses whose size range from 34 to 38 inches. Horses of any color or pattern are allowed to be registered.

sleeping horse on green grass at daytime

Falabella Miniature Horse

One of the world’s smallest horse breeds is Falabella miniature horse. Its height is only about 32 inches. Having its origin in Argentina, they are famous worldwide. Brown and are the most common colors found in them. They are a part of Horse shows. They resemble Thoroughbreds breed of standard horses.

Shetland Pony

A Scottish breed of horses originated in the bronze age between 2000 bc and 1000 bc. Their size varies from minimum 28 inches to 42 inches. They have thick skin to survive in cold weather.

Problems And Controversies

There is an ongoing controversy to name miniature horses as a pony. They have forcefully experimented for smaller sizes for world records. Some people use them as prey animals for hunting. So these horses may face some problems due to personal demands. A person can buy or sell these horse with registration under the appropriate authority.

These miniature horses and they are fancy animals. But don’t think they are inexpensive they are also expensive and needs high maintenance.

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