Choosing The Right Gear For Horse Riding

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One of the most important parts of being a rider is having the right gear horse riding equipment. Without the proper gear you can easily be injured and at the worse end of the spectrum, killed. This article will explain why it is important for both you and your horse to wear the right equipment.

Use Helmet

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The first piece of equipment that you should always have been a helmet. It is important that you get a good quality helmet that fits you well and does not fog up on you in the rain or snow. The face shield should also fit snugly and be able to protect your face in case of an accident. It should be big enough to cover your whole head and face but should be airy enough that your head does not feel pressurized when you are wearing it.

It is also important that your pants are loose enough so that they do not interfere with you riding position. You should be able to sit comfortably and move freely without feeling uncomfortable. They should also be thick enough that you are comfortable walking in them. If you ride a trail horse, choose ones made of cowhide that give off little or no wind resistance. The material also allows the horse to have good tread when they are working on the trail.

Elbow And Knee Guards

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The next piece of gear horse riding equipment that you should invest in is elbow and knee guards. These are used specifically to protect the front part of your legs from injury. The more expensive models are padded to reduce the impact on your legs and will also cushion the blow to your legs when you get lifted up onto the horse. It is important that you choose elbow and knee guards that fit properly and do not slip.

There are also jackets and gloves that you need to invest in. These protect your arms and the area around them from flying objects that may come into contact with them. If you ride a mare, you will need to purchase a special leather jacket that fits you snugly. This will help you prevent your arms from getting hurt from a whip or bridle. If you ride a horse that is younger than 12, you may need to invest in face masks, goggles, or earplugs.

Consider Safety

When buying your riding equipment, you need to consider your safety as much as anything else. If you have children in the family, you will definitely want to make sure that you have the right protective gear on your horse. Make sure that your children are old enough to sit on the reins safely before you take them on board. Also, do not let your children wear hard hats or any other types of head gear that could potentially break the neck of a horse. Choose quality horse riding gear that has the appropriate straps to fit each child properly. If a child falls, it will not only be upsetting for the child but the parent as well.

Last Words

Some of the other gear you will need to get started is hats, boots, gloves, and shirts. It is a good idea to buy a variety of them so that you can have a few different outfits on hand. You will also need some type of bridle to attach the saddle to. Once you have all of this gear, you should be ready to go.

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