Choosing Horseback Riding Helmets For Kids

horse riding helmets kids

Helmets for kids and adults are available in many stores. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles. You will find that you have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to finding the best horse riding helmets for kids. The internet is also a good place to purchase one for your child.

An Overview

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Most helmets that are made for kids are made with a hard outer shell that is two and half inches thick. This shell is usually made of polystyrene foam. The inside of the helmet is padded with a comfortable type of foam. The inner lining is made of cotton and this will be covered by the helmet’s visor. The helmet comes with a fully adjustable front and back straps that can be adjusted according to an individual kid’s head size.

Children’s helmets are available with or without ventilation. If your child rides without ventilation you may want to consider purchasing a helmet with ventilation. These helmets have small vents located along the brow area and on the sides and rear of the helmet. These vents provide air flow to keep your child cool during their exciting ride. Some ventilation systems even have lighted buttons that can be turned on for extra ventilation.

When it comes to kids’ horse riding helmets, there are two basic types that you will find. There is the full-face helmet that covers the entire head and face. Some of these come with a visor while others do not. These helmets have either a mesh lining or a liner that covers the entire inside of the helmet.

Choosing Horseback Ride Helmets

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Many of the newer helmets offer flip-up lenses that are removable. This feature provides added protection from bright sunshine and other hazards. These helmets can be considered to be a midline helmet that is moderately priced. However, the flip-up lens can make this helmet very attractive and a popular choice among children. You will also find many helmets that feature molded graphics that can easily be removed.

Youthful and younger riders will enjoy the comfort of youth horseback riding helmets that fit nicely and offer no visor. These helmets offer a smooth fit and comfortable fit that will keep dirt and grime out of your eyes. Some are sealed and have a snap down face guard which allows a secure fit and eliminates uncomfortable wrinkles. These helmets are great for kids who are just learning to ride or are still growing out of their diapers.

Adult women and older women will appreciate the safety features that are included on a wide range of adult horseback riding helmets. Some feature snap down guards which allow you to remove the helmet in order to wash your face. Some feature interchangeable foam inserts that can be used for padding as well as riding comfort. These helmets help to keep sweat from getting in your eyes and mouth so you can enjoy the cool weather and fresh air that are so vital to enjoying a great equestrian sport.

Bottom Line

The variety of horseback riding helmets for kids is staggering and it is easy to find a helmet that will fit your child’s head perfectly. The other benefit of purchasing equestrian helmets for kids is that they are not overly expensive. A nice basic helmet that has the proper padding and a non-slip strap is all that you need to start out. As your children grow and begin to participate in more difficult activities, then you can consider upgrading to a better helmet with better protective features. With this equipment you can guarantee your child is safe and will have many happy years of enjoyable horseback riding ahead of them.

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