Best Gaited Horse Breeds You Must Know About -

Best Gaited Horse Breeds You Must Know About

gaited horse breeds

Gaited horse breeds are more in demand in the horse racing and recreational communities. Non- gaited horse breeds tend to walk and run slower as their four limbs fall at different times on the ground. This makes their movement slow in comparison to gaited horse breeds whose limbs fall on the ground at the same time. Gaited horse breeds are preferred by most people but many like to keep a mix of gaited and un-gaited horses in their stable.

Aegidienberger Gaited Horse Breeds

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Bred in the country of Germany, Aegidienberger is a mix of the Peruvian Paso and the Icelandic horse. It is not as large of Peruvian Paso nor is it as small as the Icelandic but somewhere in the middle. The size is perfect for walking on difficult terrain paths and it is used for multiple purposes. The horse is gaited and can smoothly do a toll while it stands some ten to fifteen hands high.

American Saddlebred Gaited Horse Breeds

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If you have watched any horse based Hollywood movie, it is quite likely that you have also spotted a Saddlebred on screen. Given their good and shiny physique and gentle demeanour, the saddlebred is one of a kind. Experts claim that it has its ancestors in the Narraganesett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Morgan and Thoroughbred horse in America. The American Saddlebred is born in the United States of America and comes in many different colors.

Campeiro Gaited Horse Breeds

The Campeiro gaited horses descend from Santa Catarina Island and are among the lost breeds. They stand as long as fourteen point four hands and weigh up to four hundred and twenty kilograms. Chestnut, Bay and Grey are among the most common colors of the Campeiro. These horses are great to be used as a stable horse and used for carrying light loads. You can use them to travel short distances too.

Campolina Gaited Horse Breeds

It is named after the farmer Cassiano Campolina who led to the development of the first of one of these. Campolina horses are mostly used for recreational and driving purposes. Their head is in a trapezoid shape and has long limbs and body. They come in various shapes and colors that add to the classy look of the horse. They are gaited and have an ambling taut.


In conclusion, gaited breeds are unique and in more use than their non-gaited counterparts. Some popular ones include the Florida Cracker Horse, Icelandic horse, Kathiawari, Mangalarga Marchador, Marwari Horse, Messara Horse, Missouri Foxtrotter, Morgan Horse, Nordestino, North-America Single Footing Horse, Pampa, Faso Pino, Peruvian Paso, Racking Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Spotted Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and the Walkaloosa.Among all of these horses, most are used for domestic recreational activities and can amble and trot. Some of them have been developed by more than two breeds of horses.

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