American Horse Breeds – Who Are They

american horse breeds

Of all the nations in the world, America leads the way for horse breeding. America has a rich history of using and caring for horses, from early cowboy on the prairie to early rodeos and racing events. American Quarter Horses have been bred for sport over the years and are still popularly used for race meets. They have an even greater popularity among people who own horses. Some people consider themselves “advocates of horses”, wanting to do what they can to help promote animal welfare.

An Overview

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American horse breeds have developed a strong reputation for being successful racehorses throughout the years. In fact, over the years, United States riders have voted horse riding the best sport in the country. The United States competitive horse racing industry supports a strong National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR, with over 15.2 million spectators tuning into races across the country each year. In addition to racing at local tracks, many people like to take their horse out to the tracks of major racing nations.

There are many different breeds of American horse breeds. Thoroughbreds are the most famous, with loyal Followers and a penchant for winning, while Standardbreds are bred to be more graceful and friendly than their Thoroughbred counterparts. Many of the different breeds are classified by the amount of jumping they can do, or the amount of endurance they have as well as speed. There are also different breeds that are classified by their color, patterning, coat or hooves. These characteristics will help you understand the sport better when looking at different breeds.

Popular Factors 

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There are many popular and important factors to consider when choosing an American horse breed. One of these factors is strength and temperament. This is important because we want to choose a horse that has the potential to win, and to be friendly to its owner and other human companions. Some of the most popular American horse breeds are:

The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is perhaps the most American horse breeds there are. These horses are very well suited to being trained, and being a racehorse. Thoroughbreds are the favorites in horse racing, and there are several famous Thoroughbreds that have won major races in the past, including the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes.

The American Indian Horse

The American Indian horse breeds are some of the oldest available. They are mostly used for trail riding and have been used as a companion animal for many generations. These horses were originally developed for use in tracking. Over time their temperament and abilities have improved, making them a great choice for riders of all skill levels.

The Quarter Horse

The Quarter horse is the smallest of the American horse breeds. These animals can be traced back to the American revolution, when they served as guides and messengers. Over time their skills as a racehorse and herding companion have been transferred into many different types of riding. These animals can compete in the breaking stretch, or forage, and have proven endurance over many different types of trails. Other popular areas for Quarter horses are track and trail racing.


The list of American horse breeds is quite long. The American horse breeds continue to evolve with the times, adding personalities and skills as the years pass. It is important to remember however, that there are only seventeen hands in a horse’s mouth at one time. The owners of any particular breed should make sure that they have the time, money, and commitment necessary to ensure the ongoing health and maintenance of their animal’s assets.

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