Amazing Horse Shows In The World

In case you are the owner of a horse, and you believe that your horse is the best one you could have, then you should go to the amazing horse shows in the world. These horse shows take place over weeks and days. It compares and fights with different horses around the world.

Few Amazing Horse Show In The World

The competition held worldwide and from local to the international levels. People take part in this horse show around the world. The show takes place in a range of settings. There are outstanding homes with offices for every different horse and rider.

Few Amazing Horse Shows

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is a horse show annually held in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. This game starts on the first Saturday in May every year and held two-week-long. It’s a world-class horse race show, and the race marks one stake race. This race is for three-year-old Thoroughbreds, and the distance of this race is one and a quarter miles.

Few Amazing Horse Show In The World

The Kentucky Derby has all the eyes on the Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular races for Thoroughbreds around the world. And it’s happening since 1875, each year the winner changes and gets the coveted Triple Crown which is a rare honor. They also have the Horse boarding and teaching facilities in Lexington and Versailles.

The Olympic Games

This horse shows is also amongst the most famous horses shows in the world. In the year 2016, there are more than ten thousand athletes from around 200 plus countries. And they will all compete in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The Olympic Games held in different counties every year. In this, each horse sports, dressage, show jumping, and three-day eventing shows different skills for both rider and horse.

Horse Show Events In The Olympic Games

Show Jumping

The showjumping is a game where riders and horses must leap over high fences quickly. The practice gyms are significant in the preparation of show jumping. These exercise centers incorporate the kind of gear one may hope to discover at any top class. And it also has shock-absorbent treadmills.

Dressage Horse Shows

Dressage is the foundation in military activities going back, similar to horsemanship. In modern time, we have to think that back then horses played a crucial role in the battle. And that needs firm respect. In the dressage competitions, the riders decided on their capacity to lead their horses through complex trial.


The three days eventing is the marathon of the equestrian world. It has drawn the of both dressage and show bouncing with the expansion of an intense open game. The obstacles are natural.

The Tevis Cup Horse Shows

Few Amazing Horse Show In The World

The long ways from customs of the Kentucky Derby. The Tevis Cup is also known as the Western States Trail Ride. This race is a rough 100-mile on horseback over the Sierra Nevada mountain trails initially taken by silver and gold miners. Riding 100 miles in 24 hours is under few conditions.

These are a few amazing horse shows in the world. You should attend this show if you like horses.

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