All You Need To Know About Men’s Cowboy-Hat

All You Need To Know About Men’s Cowboy-Hat

Cowboy-hat, this word brings memories for some movies and the western lifestyle. But if you love to be specific, it is always Texas.

The Brief History Of CowboyHat

If you have ever searched for a cowboy hat, you might have heard about Stetson hat. It is the hat maker that commercialized cowboy hat and brought the image of the modern cowboy-hat as we know today. The company was founded by John Stetson back in the 19th century.

Back in those days, these cowboy hats were regarded as a status symbol since they were quite expensive. They were not only worn in Texas but also all over the state. However, they were more prevalent in Texas thanks to the prominence of ranching.

Cowboy hats are still super popular today. You can choose from different materials such as palm leaf, straw, or fur- in some cases, leather. You can also choose from different shapes of crown or brim, which I will mention later on.

Cowboy Hat Wide Brim Cap
Cowboy Hat Wide Brim Cap

Along with thousands of hatbands and colors, the choice of cowboy-hat for you is limitless.

Exciting Facts About CowboyHat

The cowboy-hat, this word brings memories for some movies and the western lifestyle. But if you love to be specific, it is always Texas. From some source, I came to know. The number of cowboy hats available in Texas is more than the number of people living there. If anyone tries to check out how may cowboy hat, one single person owns in Texas. He will find out 10-12 cowboy hat per head. The reason is simple. There are different styles, different brands, and not everything goes with every dress style.

Texas’s culture and this hat are always on the same page. It is not regular for anyone who gets a compliment for wearing a hat, especially a cowboy. However, in Texas, it is a very different story. And sometimes people ask for the place you buy your hat. The official headwear of Texas is Cowboy hat 

Different Parts Of A Cowboy-Hat

A hat is not very different from the old traditional fedora hat. Also, people can compare with a bowler hat. However, It has three outer parts. These parts are known as crown, brim, and hatband.

Moreover, turning the hard upside down. Anyone can find out a sweatband and an inner lining. On the bottom of the crown, the cowboy has stitched lines. It is where hat makers attached the sweatband and moving part of that hat.

Cowboy Hat
Cowboy Hat

The Tom Mix

Anyone who loves movies knows the name, Tom Mix. He became most famous because of his films. Along with him, the cowboys became most prominent in all over the world. He acted like a cowboy in a considerable number of films. Cowboy hat became more popular as The Tom Mix. He carried the cowboy style allover the world. Also, because of his movies, the hat got upgrade action. His choice in the latest fashion, and dress up style, helped people to love cowboy hats. He became the idol of this style.

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