A Guide To Horse Riding Protective Gear

horse riding protective gear

The purpose of protective gear varies with the purpose. Protective gear could include anything from helmet to boots. In short, it is composed of different gears for different types of use.

There are helmets that protect you from injuries while horse riding. This is one of the important protective gears. However, there are other types of protective gear. The gear could be in the form of gloves, vests, coats or pants. You need to check the protective quality of the protective gear before buying.

Leather Horse Gloves

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One of the commonly used protective gear is leather horse gloves. Leather gloves are perfect for protecting yourself from all kinds of irritations. The leather is highly absorbent, so it forms a barrier to stop any liquid or powder from entering into the skin. In addition, the leather offers good insulation so the temperature inside is not affected by the cold. These gloves have a strong grip so they are very easy to hold.

A Vest

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A vest is another type of riding protective gear that protects you from cuts, abrasions, burns or wounds. There are specialized vests made with different materials that might include nylon, cotton, polyester, leather and many more. They are specifically designed for equestrians, so they are easier to put on and remove. In addition, there are special vests with zippers at the waist and they are specially designed for women riders.


Pants are one of the important horse riding protective gear. Pants provide protection to your lower extremities. For women, riding pants with snaps at the waist are also available. These provide extra comfort when you have to sit for a long time. However, if you prefer pants with buttons at the waist, you can always choose the ones that have Velcro tabs.

A Helmet

A helmet is another important part of horse riding protective gear. Helmets are designed to protect you from injuries such as brain injury, bruising and death. You should always wear a certified helmet. Although ordinary helmets may provide adequate protection, the helmets designed for competition are tougher and are often reinforced with carbon fiber, Kevlar and foam to ensure maximum safety.

Learning Is A Common Activity During Riding

Learning is a common activity during riding. You should use elbow and knee guards to prevent injury to these parts of your body. A good riding protective gear is available in the form of chaps that can be used both while riding and while walking. A chapped leg can be quite painful, especially when it is exposed to cold.

Elbow And Knee Guards While Riding

If you want to avoid cuts, bruises and other injuries while riding, you need to wear elbow and knee guards while riding. This will protect your arms and shoulders and will also reduce the risk of cuts and bruises. So, while purchasing any horse riding protective gear, make sure you buy the right one as per your requirements.

Keep Your Body In An Elevated State Of Awareness

While riding, always try to keep your body in an elevated state of awareness. Your head and face should be above the parapet to prevent injury. You can wear helmets which are specially made for horse riding but if you do not have the required amount of money to purchase a helmet, then you can use a plastic mask to protect your face and ears. This is one of the most important horse riding protective gear.

Tie A Rope Around Your Waist And Secure It

When you are about to mount the horse, you will need to take care of your extremities. Always tie a rope around your waist and secure it. This will prevent your legs from sliding out of the stirrups and possibly tripping on the uneven surface. The horse’s back should also be secured with a saddle strap so that he does not slide or stand on his hind quarters.

The other gear that you need to take with you while going on a horse riding trip is a hat to protect your eyes and mouth, and leather gloves. Riding for hours on end causes a lot of sweat to evaporate and can make you feel quite cold. It is advisable to take a sweater as well so that you don’t stay too cold. The horse riding boots that you get should be strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather.

Final Words

If you have a camera, then it will also be useful to carry it when riding. You will definitely want to capture some of the breathtaking scenery that you pass by. You will definitely want to show off these photos to your friends and family. However, bear in mind that in horse riding protective gear, there is no such thing as being too careful.

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