A Brief About Canadian Standardbred

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Standardbreds are one of the oldest breeds in North America, dating back to 1760. They were developed by crossing thoroughbred stallions with non-thoroughbred mares, primarily of Norfolk Trotter descent. This cross was made because the Thoroughbred would bring speed to the trotting stock, and the cross produced a horse with a unique gait and soundness. It’s no surprise that the Standardbred is the breed of choice for harness racing in North America, where races are held throughout the year at tracks across Canada and the United States. 

Standardbreds come out of retirement to serve as riding horses when their racing days are over.

Strength of Canadian Standardbred

Canadian Standardbred

The Standardbred usually stands from 15.2 to 17 hands (59 to 68 inches, 150 to 173 cm), and weighs 800 to 1,300 pounds (363-590 kg). The breed has a well-muscled body with strong bone, and the shoulder is long and sloping. Their stride length enables them to run fast, but also makes them less agile than the lighter breeds of horses. Standardbreds have well-defined wither and long, sloping shoulder blades. They are available in almost any solid color, often with white markings on the face and legs.

An Even-Tempered Breed That Generally Takes Well to Harness Training

Canadian Standardbred

The Standardbred is an even-tempered breed that generally takes well to harness training and shows deep affection for people. Some lines, especially those that remain in the trotting disciplines, are a bit more high-strung and less suited to inexperienced riders. However, with experience, a Standardbred can make a wonderful horse for trail riding, as they have a calm demeanor and tend to love going out on the trails. They also make great family horses, as children can easily ride them, and they are up to the task of pulling a small cart or wagon.

Standardbreds Have a Very Easy-Going Nature

Standardbreds have a very easy-going nature, making them suitable for long-term exposure to loud noises and other stresses that would normally spook horses with more flighty temperaments. They are great for beginner riders, as they have a super calm nature and are very gentle on their feet. Many Standardbreds do not require shoes on the front hooves, making them suitable for riding trails on all terrain types.

Standardbreds are Tough Horses

The Canadian standardbred is a tough horse that requires less maintenance than most breeds. They are also versatile, speedy, and safe for beginner riders.

They continue to be extremely competitive in races around the world. The Standardbreds are very easy to ride and also easy to handle.

Triple Crown Winner Breed

Standardbreds are super fast horses that are easy to ride. They are also the only breed that has produced a triple crown winner (Omaha, 1951). They remain extremely competitive in races around the world today. The Standardbred offers an amazing gait combined with maintenance needs that are easier than most breeds, making them one of the best breeds for riding pleasure.

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