7 Tips on How to Find Horse Racing Results and Improve your Betting

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1. Watch The Races

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There are many ways to watch horse racing whether live at the track, via TV coverage, or watching old races on the internet. Whatever method you use to watch the races it’s important to try and catch as much of them as possible because great information can be gathered from watching how horses perform. Of course, not all bets should be placed purely on what you see happening in front of you but feel free to form your own opinions based on performances.

2. Read Form Guides And Past Performances

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For those who bet regularly reading through past performance is an essential part of betting that should never be overlooked, no matter which country or racecourse you choose for your bets. All thoroughbred racetracks will provide free form guides at the track or online. These guides are essentially a form guide for every horse in the race, providing all the information you will need to place your bets.

3. Gain Horse Racing Knowledge

As you might expect, the more knowledge about horses and how they run races that you have on hand, the better your horse racing results are likely to be. This is because there are certain situations that will give away what sort of performance a horse will put in before it even begins running. One of these situations is when a jockey has to switch mounts between races, as riding styles can greatly affect how fast their new mount will perform during its first few starts. If looking into this situation further then remember that jockeys who win regularly (and therefore must be good) often keep the same horse for consecutive races.

4. Get To Know The Trainers

Knowing which trainers are successful at their job is also great information to have when betting on horses. Successful trainers can often be found training lots of winners, usually because their methods lead to horses having a higher chance of winning (although there are always exceptions). If looking into this further then it’s important that you know what traits to look out for in a trainer; does he or she specialize in young horses who will only improve with age, or does he/she normally concentrate on bigger animals? Also, how long has he/she been active as a trainer? A trainer who has been training for many years will likely have much more horse racing knowledge than a trainer who has only just begun.

5. Watch Out For Jockey Changes

Jockeys can also greatly affect how well their mounts run and bettors should pay attention to jockey changes during the weeks leading up to a race. Sometimes, trainers will change certain jockeys with the hope that they will train their animals better than usual because of this, it is always important to note down which jockeys were originally assigned for any given race long before it takes place. Although there are other things that should be taken into account when looking at past performances, watching out for jockey changes or knowing what sort of riding style your chosen favorite has could lead you towards making more informed bets.

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