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7 Beautiful Spanish Horse Breeds That Will Leave You In Awe

Spanish Horse Breeds

Spain is an excellent nation which is notable for its wine, climate and other such brilliant things. It also has some superb horses! Here’s a list of some amazing Spanish horse breeds that are sure to leave you awed.


A close up of a brown horse standing next to a wire fence

The Andalusian comes from the Iberian Peninsula, and it has not changed even a bit from its precursors throughout all these years. This horse breed was initially used as a war horse owing to its solid height, incredible perseverance and fearless personality. They are around 15 hands tall, and are typically bay or gray, however dark, dun, palomino and chestnut colored furs do exist in this species, but in a much smaller percentage. Today they are utilized for pleasure riding, showjumping and most other equine disciplines, and on account of their striking appearance they are frequently used in movies and on TV.


A brown horse grazing on a dry grass field

This ancient horse breed has been around since the Roman times, and it is a Celtic kind of horse which shows similarity to numerous other ponies, including a portion of the Mountain and Moorland horses of the UK. It is around 12.3 hands tall, and is always black. The Asturcon walks in a pretty unusual and stable way, which makes it a great choice for people who want to ride.

Burguete Horse

A heavy draft horse from the Navarre locale of Northern Spain, the Burguete’s rearing includes Percheron, Ardennes and the Comtois. Sadly, this horse breed has been listed as an endangered species. The common fur tones of the Burguete horse are chestnut, bay and dark.

Galician Horse

The Galician comes from North-West Spain, and it is felt that the breed started from little ponies brought by Celtic settlers in the sixth century BC. It stands around 12 hands tall, and is consistently bay or dark in shading. These horses were once used for war and agriculture, and are currently raised basically for meat.


This variety has been around in Andalucia since about 1800, and was made by crossbreeding Arabs and Andalusians. It is a proportional horse, about 15.2 hands tall, and it has light movements which make it ideal for some equestrian uses like dressage, showjumping and traditional cattle herding. They are commonly gray or dark shaded.


Made by crossbreeding the Andalusian with imported Breton draft horses, the Hispano-Breton is a heavier variety than a significant number of the light Spanish horse breeds. They have a draft-type body, and are generally around 15.1 hands tall. You can call them semi wild. They come in many tones, and are typically used for meat purposes.

Jaca Navarra

This little horse has numerous names, and it comes from the Navarre locale of Northern Spain. It is recorded as a jeopardized breed, yet numerous examples of them actually exist, and some are left to meander wild at the Sabazia domain. A variety register was opened in 2001, and efforts are being made to save this local Spanish pony.

Wrapping Up

Spain surely has quite a few horses but the ones listed above surely have to be the best of the lot. Till date they look as beautiful as their ancestors and keep glorifying their kind to the best of their abilities.

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